It took a day and a half for our room to be this clean. But it was so worth it. 2 notes // reblog

Ethan fell asleep while I was playing Burnout Revenge. I wanna clean but at the same time I love when he cuddles with me. The only problem is it’s really muggy in our house. And I know it makes him uncomfortable to be so hot. Plus I want to clean the bedroom. Such a predicament in mommy world.

Cutest thing though, I was washing his bottles. He came up to me and I thought he was gonna drag me away. But instead he put his arms around me and kissed my hip going “muah!” Then he ran away. I love love love him so much.

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Hipster child. :D #toddlers #mybaby 0 notes // reblog
Double Date.

I’m rewatching old HIMYM episodes and what a way to spoil what happens to the mom! Lily got mad at Marshall for killing her off due to a chronic illness that wasn’t even explained. Except she would hiccup until she died. I swear this show is just too much.

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If only we had a backyard that’s gated. I just hate how open everything is. What if I want to go outside with Ethan without going to the park next door? Oh yeah can’t do that because we’re not gated in.

I just hate today. I wanna be alone.

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A toddler & his #shakeology. I gotta give credit where credit is due. Thank goodness for this amazing product. #beachbody 0 notes // reblog
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