So I’m listening to The Respect Issue by Emmure and memories overload! I know a ton of people who crap all over them before and after this album came out. And I honestly think this was their last decent album, but it’s kinda nice to listen to the music I did before I became all domesticated and ish.

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I take back every bad thing I said about Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

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A few of my favorite things: 1. Hubby’s #ootd that I really loved. 2. Our veggies and herbs garden. 3. I am FINALLY content with how we store Ethan’s toys. Wooden toy boxes beat plastic ones IMO. 4. Selfies with my not so little man. #toddlers #love 1 note // reblog

Just watched the 50 Shades of Grey trailer and I am gonna get sooooo much flack for this, but I was picturing charlie the whole time! Jesus Christ. I feel like the reveal ad campaign was kind of a taste of what we were gonna miss since he’s not a part of it. I don’t like the guy playing Christian, but the trailer was pretty hot. I think I might have to watch it again.

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Glucose tolerance test! Probably the WORST thing, ever. 😖 But with @mavikconcept by my side, it’s not toooo bad. 😍 Enjoy my pregnant face! #pregnancy #love #imhungry 0 notes // reblog

I just weighed myself. And I probably shouldn’t have especially since it’s the afternoon. According to the scale, I am now 136.4. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was so nauseous I couldn’t eat anything. So I actually lost 5 lbs in the process. I have gained 23 lbs at 28 weeks. Which is surprising bc with this pregnancy I’ve been eating pretty much anything I please, that isn’t a restriction. I guess it helps to keep busy around the house. Plus I always walk on weekends. I used to walk a lot when Ethan was in my belly. I’m actually quite happy with how my body looks. Wearing dresses helps a lot to help me not feel self conscious.

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